New Book: Unbroken Chain - Third Edition - Volume 6 Published #general

Gary Mokotoff

Volume 6 (of an anticipated 10 volumes!) of “The Unbroken Chain—Third Edition” has been published. Author Neil Rosenstein has devoted the past 30 years to updating and improving his landmark work, “The Unbroken Chain,” and now is in the process of publishing its Third Edition.


Volume 6 is so huge—1516 pages—it requires two physical volumes. This is because it is the major branch of the Horowitz family that descends from the MaHaRaL of Prague (died 1619) and includes all major Horowitz dynasties such as Bostoner, Ropshitz, etc and their Chassidic Rebbes.


“The Unbroken Chain” documents—on one family tree—tens of thousands of descendants of Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen (MaHaRaM) of Padua (1482–1565) and Rabbi Judah Lowe (MaHaRaL) of Prague through 22 generations.


The new edition is a major improvement to the previous edition both in number of persons and quality of the work.

Second Edition (1990)                           Third Edition (2017/2021)                  

Two volumes, 1,350 pages                    Ten volumes, 5,000 pages

20,000 names                                          50,000 names

Surname-only index                               Full name index

No illustrations                                       300 illustrations (Vol 1 alone)

1,600 footnotes                                       1,000 footnotes (Vol. 1 alone)

Up to 16 generations                              Up to 22 generations


Ordering information for any of the six volumes is at The site includes a complete list of names for each of the six volumes.


Gary Mokotoff