Deutsch - Woodridge, NY #usa


Does anyone know the connections between the multiple Deutsch named individuals who settled in Woodridge, NY or had meetings there?   DNA matches have been elusive.   My grandfather Abe Deutsch lived and is buried there.

Ron Deutsch
Annapolis, MD

Shelley Mitchell

It might help to find out where his family came from in Europe. And go from there  

Shelley Mitchell, NYC



Hi Ron, I wonder if we are connected somehow. I’m from Long Island, NY. Where is Woodbridge? The only Deutsch relatives in the US  besides my father Arnold ,that I knew of, settled in Philadelphia. That was Max Deutsch who was my grandfather Adolf’s brother. This would be early 1900’s. Max had several children, I believe one of them was Abraham. What do you think?

Susan Forman
New York


Woodridge is a village in Sullivan County.  It is in what was the heart of the Catskills (Jewish) hotel region. Almost everyone around there worked in some business related to the hotels.  There are some listings on the internet if you search the name and Woodridge. I don't know if you can call the cemeteries there and get any further information about family members who were buried there.

There are some FB groups for the area ( don't know the group names.)  You might want to post your questions there.

Jessica Schein

Todd Leavitt

My wife's paternal/maternal side were all "Deutschs" who originated from the shtetl of Kraysk, Belarus ( which is 43 miles North of Minsk. The alterheym shtetlech origins of your Woodbridge family, coupled with DNA, might assist in your pursuit. Our "Leavitt Family Tree" on both Ancestry and MyHeritage contains quite a few of these "Deutschs".

Todd Leavitt
Santa Monica, CA