Isadore Litke -looking for birth records from December 7, 1871 in Lengua, Switzerland #JewishGenUpdates #general


My great great grandfather Abraham Chaim Litke was a peddler according to my grandfather. Hence, his children were born in different countries. I found a birth record for my great great uncle Aron Litke for Manheim, Germany.  I also found a family registry under Abraham Chaim Litke from Manheim Germany which lists Abraham his wife Rachel and their children including Aron & Isador.   Abraham Chaim Litke lists on this registry that he was born in Kalisch Germany. so far my inquiries through Jewish Gen have not found the family in Kalisch.  I really would like to find some proof of my great grandfather, Isadore Litke's birth in Lengua, Switzerland. Furrther proof is that  Isador Litke's death certificate  from NYC in December 1935 and filled out by his wife his place of birth as Lengua Switzerland. Help would be appreciated.

Sharon Sherman
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Odeda Zlotnick

The Swiss place name is spelled incorrectly.
You should be looking for documents from Lengnau, Aargau - Wikipedia
"It is notable for being one of two villages where residence was permitted for Swiss Jews between 1633 and 1874. Lengnau's synagogue is listed as a heritage site of national significance."

I's start by contacting the Jewish community of Zurich (the canton's capital) for further guidance.  

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.