JGASGP Meeting #announcements

Marilyn Golden

Date:  Sunday, January 2, 2022

Time: 1:00 PM check in, chat, and schmooze (Optional)

Official program starts promptly at 1:30

Speaker:  Speaker: Gil Bardige, Experienced Genealogist and Speaker

Topic:  Help!  I just got my Autosomal DNA Results and I'm Confused"


Gil Bardige has been a genealogist for over 40 years, with 14 years of experience in DNA. He has spoken at many JGS as well as at IAJGS. You may have heard him speak locally or assisted you at mentoring sessions. He has tested at all 4 major companies and is a Project Administrator or Co-Admin at FTDNA for 3 projects including Jewish R1b.
Prior to retirement, Gil was Business Development Executive for Trane, traveling nationally for nearly 12 years making presentations to Fortune 250 corporations. Gil is high-energy, humorous, speaks clearly & makes sure that the audience participates.


Topic: Help!  I just got my Autosomal DNA Results and I'm Confused"


This presentation will provide specific guidance on how to use DNA/Genetic Genealogy as an effective tool in your genealogy tool belt. Gil will provide examples from the four major DNA testing companies to clarify ethnicity estimates and give a detailed review of what matches mean at each company. He will outline the recommended steps to take for prioritizing and contacting your DNA matches. The end goal is to have your match help with your family tree and, hopefully, provide information, photographs, documents, stories, etc., that you don't already have. Gil will review the DNA tests available, what you can expect from the results, and who should test. At the end of the presentation, you will be able to say, "Now I get it...I know what to do."  This is for beginners and people who tested and are just overwhelmed and frustrated.

If you have DNA results and don't know what to do, GIL is the one to listen too! He will walk you through the process to analyze your results. 

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