Seeking Records and Researcher for Residents of Ushachi #belarus


I am trying to find out what 19th century records exist for Jews in the shtetl of Ushachi (Ushatz) Belarus.  I have a number of ancestors identified on the 1895 Census of Jews in Ushachi but have been unsuccessful in going back further.  Before I hire a genealogist, I would like to know what, if anything is out there.  Also, if anyone has recommendations regarding a local researcher, let me know.

Zachary L. Grayson (Garfinkel)

Researching: Ushachi - Chaikin, Gantman, Voronov; Borisov - Garfinkel, Voronov; Mogilev - Krevlin, Krevolin, Feinyew;  Novozybkov - Puguliev, Bogdanoff; Toronto - Garfinkel, Garfield, Chaikin


I have also been searching for records for Ushachi but have never discovered anyone else searching for Ushachi.  I am  excited that you posted.    I also have a hard copy of the 1895 Census but am not even sure if it is accurate and have no success finding a digital copy.  I can find no other records.  If you do decide to hire a researcher/genealogist perhaps we could reduce the costs by hiring the same person.  

Researching:  Uschachi:  Golomstock/Golomstok, Gordon;  
Leah Kliger