What You Need to Know About The 1950 Census and How To Access It #usa #announcements #events #records

Marguerite Kealey

What You Need to Know About The 1950 Census and

How To Access It”

by  Dr. Joel Weintraub

Zoom Meeting and Presentation:  

The U.S. 1950 census will become public on April 1, 2022. Dr.Joel Weintraub will cover basic census vocabulary, who uses the census, census caveats, who was enumerated (and who was not), how the 1950 census was taken, training of enumerators, enumerator instruction manuals, census sampling, 1950 population, housing forms and large city block summaries. He will then discuss locational tools for finding 1950 residences: the National Archives online census map collection, and Steve Morse and his 1950 tools, online at One-Step   stevemorse.org  website. 


Dr. Joel Weintraub, Biology Professor Emeritus from Cal State Fullerton. became interested in genealogy over 20 years ago and volunteered for 9 years at the National Archives in southern California.  Joel helped produce location tools for 1900 through 1950 federal censuses, and the NY State censuses for NYC (1905, 1915, 1925) and for the Steve Morse “One-Step” website.  Since retiring, he has published articles on the US Census as well as establishing a YouTube channel at JDW.Talks


In order to register for the presentations, go to our website Welcome to the San Diego Jewish Genealogy Website (sdjgs.org) and follow the registration directions. This is a free event for members Non-members: We ask for a small donation ($5) –

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