Feldstein or Feldshtein from Nikolyev #germany


My uncle, Gershon Feldstein, born 14 Jan 1882 (father Meier Felshtein,mother Keila Mirel Vishnevsky) married my father's sister in Vienna, 06 May 1932.  Gershon (Grisha) also played violin in the Berlin Philharmonic c1913.  Gershon immigrated to the US with his wife, Frederika Diamant Feldstein and died 13 Aug 1948 in New York City.  Gershon had a brother, Solomon Meeroff Feldstein, who was listed as a dentist in the 1910 census.  Solomon's first wife was Lisa (two children Esfir and Sora) and his second wife, Katherin (Kate) Chargin had no children.  I would like to know about Solomon, who left the US after 1914.  Most specifically, I would like to find a photo.  I have a photo of a man, who most likely is Solomon.  In addition, if there is more information about Gershon when he lived in Germany and played for the Berlin Philharmonic.  Any and all information or suggestions would be appreciated.

Michael Diamant