How can I return Czech documents to a descendant #austria-czech #records

Emily Rosenberg


In 1952 Czech refugee Miroslav Sturm came to California but left wife and 5 year old daughter in Czechoslovakia. I recently discovered some of his European identity documents and a picture of the wife and little girl in my family's seeming endless collections of papers about everything and anything for the past 100 years.  I did an online search and found his US naturalization application and my heart twisted when I saw the word "stateless" for his nationality.  What a terrible circumstance.  I found a lawsuit after his 1984 death in California that indicated his daughter had stayed in Europe and went by the name Irena Sturm Novakova.  This seems to be a common name today and I could not find her online although there is a woman half her age with an active profile on LinkedIn. She herself would be 75 so might, or might not, be active online but I am sure her children and grandchildren are findable. The  problem seems to be that searching for someone named  Irena Novakova in Czech would be like searching for someone called Tom Rosenberg  in the US.    I would like to contact her or her descendants to return these documents.  I am sadly mono-lingual English so I am limited in what I can find.  Help and suggestions are most welcome.  Also I wonder if you think this man is Jewish? Thanks so much.


Emily Rosenberg

Oakland, California

Searching for

KESNER and  STAHL (Amsterdam)