Why Wasn't Spinoza Excommunicated? #sephardic #announcements


The Herem against Spinoza is famous, but what is a Herem? Is it an
excommunication? This week, Sephardic World welcomes Professor Yitzhak
Melamed, world expert on Spinoza.

In his Sephardic World talk this Sunday, Yitzhak Melamed will distinguish
between fact and fiction in this milestone of Sephardic history. He will
discuss the text of the Herem. Why did leaders of a community that had
itself faced persecution resort to this measure? Can we know their

Yitzhak Melamed is professor in the Department of Philosophy at Johns
Hopkins University. He holds an MA in philosophy and the history of science
and logic from Tel Aviv University, and a PhD in philosophy from Yale
University. Amongst other accolades, he has been awarded Fulbright, Mellon,
and American Academy for Jewish Research Fellowships. He is currently
researching a book and documentary on Spinoza.

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