Help with place name on 1921 UK census form please #names #unitedkingdom #poland


Hi everyone,
My GF Simon ROSEN is listed on the 1921 UK census but I can't figure out his birthplace. All help welcome.
His only sister listed her birthplace as Biala (which I believe to be Biala Podlaska) if this helps any.
Ruvane Bernstein.

(Efrat, Israel)

David Cantor

Ruvane, looks like:   48 Charterhouse Square, Aldersgategate, EC


David Cantor

J.R. Silver

The image is a bit blurry, but I think that the place name might be 'Blodawa' or 'Blodaya'.
This could  be the town of Włodawa, which lies on the River Bug, which forms the border between present-day Poland and Belarus.
Włodawa  is  in the same region as Biała Podlaska; this was  the former Siedlce Gubernia. 

Judith Silver
London UK

Jessica Skippon

Hello Ruvane - Don't jump too quickly to Biala Podlaska. Another large city near Krakow was Biala, merged in 1951  with Bielitz across the small river to be known as Bielsko Biala.

My grandmother spent her teenage years there and I have visited several times with various family members. The first time I visited was1988, before the Berlin Wall came down, I was driving my car with UK license plates. I followed another car down a street and was pulled over by two policemen who fined me the equivalent of 25p - 30 cents. I never found out what I did wrong. I think it was having foreign plates.

Jessica Skippon
London, England
researching SCHANZER, BORGER, BIRN, JACHZEL, GLUCKSMAN and WALDNER, all Andrychau, Wadowice and Bielso Biala.