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Susan Lauscher

There is a 5 minute video on YouTube of a visit to the Jewish Cemetery in Drmoul, Czech Republic.  The narration is in Czech, and I am looking for someone or a company that can provide a translation into English.

Thanks in advance.
Susan Lauscher


Susan - 

Your question is also relevant for an issue that I am working on.  My great uncle Walter Schorsch was active in the Czech film industry before the war as an actor and director.  I have been in touch with the Czech National Film Archive who has copies of his films in their archives.  They are all in Czech however and I am interested in getting them translated.  These are feature length films and of course very different than the 5-minute video that you need translated.  A representative did refer me to a couple of companies that provide this service - 
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Roger Herzog
Watertown, Massachusetts

Sam Eneman


I've just started using an automated transcription service called, Sonix.

It's fairly accurate and you can edit the transcript in your web browser. Czech is one of the languages they support and you can use the Share feature of a YouTube video to transcribe (or upload your own video file if you have it). Cost is reasonable at $10 per hour of video. But you may be able to get that 5 min. video transcribed as part of their free 30 min. trial.

I have no connection with the company other than using their program.

Sam Eneman
Charlotte NC


I can help you because I am originaly from Prague. The video talks about the cemetery in Drmoul. The Jewish community dates back to 1655. It is near Marienbad = Mariánské Lazně and not far from  town Jáchymov which is famous of uranium mines (Mariánka). The communist used political prisoners to work in the mines. There are still the towers and buidings of the communist camp. The cemetery wasnt originaly in the wood. He says: the trees came near to the cemetery. There used to be abot 600 matzevot  - 23 rows with 30 matzevot. Today there are only 290. What didnt do troops of Henleins,  did the communists.He talks about the meaning of the name Drmoul. Is it from old- Czech trmal or German duerrmal? In the years 2000 to 2002 a group of German volunteers helped to restore the cemetery and now the near village Drmoul cares about it.
History of the Jewish community. The vilage Duerrmaul is mentioned in charts about  1366 - 1368. There was a farmhouse Herrenberg = Pansky vrch. And monastery Teplá. 
The oldest matzeva was from 1673 (before the cemetery was demaged).
1848 the Jews were allowed to settle down also in Marianske Lazne.
I hope it will help you!
Lea Hayek.

Susan Lauscher

The Sonix service was very easy to use and was very fast. it took about 3 minutes to produce a Czech transcription of the narration, and then another 2 minutes to do the Czech to English translation, so it was all free.  Amazing! Unfortunately, the translation doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  I can spot some mistakes, but in most cases, I don't really know what is being talked about.  It's actually quite funny in spots ("Dr. Mongolian" shows up several times.)  I wonder whether the "errors" are in the translation or the transcription of what was heard.  

Thanks for suggesting it.
Susan Lauscher
Northglenn, CO