Help identifying town name from English census-taker's writing! #poland #unitedkingdom

Caroline Gurney <research@...>

The 1921 census forms, like the 1911 ones, are the original schedules filled in by the householder. So what you are seeing is the place name and spelling provided by whoever's signature appears at the bottom of the form. You can't blame it on the census enumerator!

It's highly likely that the spelling of the Polish place name was phonetic. I'd say the second letter is 'e', so the spelling is Zekline. JewishGen gives Zekhlin as one of the alternative spellings of Zychlin. 
Caroline Gurney
Portishead, UK


I read this as "Zakline", which seems extremely close to your candidate "Zychlin" if you ask me.

Robert Roth
Kingston, NY


Does anyone recognise what this town name is on my grandfather's 1921 UK census record? I had believed that he was born in Kutno, Poland (from his British naturalisation certificate), but that is certainly not what it says here. It may be a small town in the district of Kutno. He may have forgotten that he'd given the larger town name In 1919 when he applied for British citizenship (just speculating).  In the 1911 census it was not required to provide a town name so it just said "Russian, Poland". I have looked on the JG map all around the Kutno area but nothing looks quite right. The only possibility I can see might be Zychlin but it doesn't really look close enough in spelling, even taking into account different versions of the name. There are very few other words in the census-taker's handwriting with similar-looking letters with which I could compare. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Lesley Bowman
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