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Karen Gramigna-Warren

I’m trying to possibly find siblings by looking at Tombstones and other data and see if there is a possible relationship.  I’m working on the surname Warshofsky from Motol, Belarus.  As many of you have experienced this surname has many variations as well as “Americanized” variants.  My husband’s family shorten theirs to Warren but I’ve seen Warner, Worsham, Warshan, Warshaw and I’m sure I will find others. 


I have 2 individuals David Louis Warshofsky and Sarah Gittel Worsowesky both born in Motol, traveled to Chicago and are buried in Waldheim Cemetery, Illinois in the Anshe Motele Section


David Louis Warshofsky went by David Warner.  Born on 15 Apr 1891, on his ship record to the US, stated leaving his father Alter Worocewicki in Motol, Grodno.  His tombstone states he is the son of Pinchas Eliahu.


Sarah Gittel Worsowesky married a Hershel Warshafsky in 1910.  Hershel/Harry’s naturalization papers stated Sara was born in Motel on 14 Jul 1889 and came to the US in 1906.  On her death certificate it stated her father was Alter Warshafsky and on her tombstone it lists her father as Pinchos Eliyahu.


Another similarity between them, David had 3 children, and Sara had 5, both named a daughter Dorothy and a son Irving.


So here are my questions:

  1. What is the relationship between the name Alter and Pinchas Eliahu?
  2. With all this similar information, Alter, Pinchas Eliahu, born in Motol, Warshafsky/Warshofsky Worocewicki/Worsowesky, children’s named Dorothy and Irving, can I assume they are probably siblings?


Karen Warren

Chicago, IL

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