Why Deux brothers have one the surname of mother the other of father? #poland #names

Danielle Czal

Somebody can explain me why Yehuda Leizerson married with Sara Miriam Rabe ( in the years 1840) have two children named Gershwin Rabe and Hersch Ber Rabe and the third boy : Szlama Leizerson?
on the grave of Sara Miriam Leizerson born Rabe it’s written her name’s father yezhekel Hacohen.
thanks a lot. My family comes from Warszawa 

Banai Lynn Feldstein

They probably didn't have a civil marriage, only a religious one, until after the first two were born. Sometimes they go back in the records and change the surname of the earlier children when the parents have proven their marriage. I can't say that ever I've seen that marked in Polish records though.

Banai Lynn Feldstein
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Joyce Eastman

I agree with you.  Except that I have seen this in my family as well.  The older children have the surname of their mother (WILDER), and then some born later have the surname of their father and mother (HONIG recte WILDER).  It makes research really confusing.  All children were born in Brody, Poland (now Ukraine).

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL 

Sarah L Meyer

Joyce, In Galicia (Southern Poland, Eastern Austria, Western Ukraine) this was common because the civil authorities limited Jewish civil marriages so many Jews only had a religious one.  Then the children received the mother's maiden name.  However Warsaw was in Congress Poland and this was not a reason for this in Warsaw.   I can however think of other reasons, such as a rape or an affair, where the husband did not want to acknowledge the child. 

Sarah L Meyer
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Sheldon Dan <sheldan1955@...>

I actually found this in the JRI-Poland Database.  My grandfather Samuel ROTTERSMAN, and possibly the two sisters that I knew of, were recorded as BLONSKI (my great-grandmother's maiden name).  I recognized them from their dates of birth.

Sheldon Dan
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A similar situation occurred in my family.  A few years ago when we were in Poland, I received several birth certificates for my father's siblings.  The name on the birth certificates was Gryncajger which was my grandfather's surname.  But, when a cousin sent me my father's birth certificate, the name was Froimowicz which is the maiden name of my grandmother.  However, the person reporting the birth on the document was Menashe Gryncajger, her husband.  My father was born in 1926.  I think that the change was probably due to Poland receiving its independence from Russia in 1918 and the law concerning this was changed.  My grandparents probably only had a religious marriage and this was no longer enough for the authorities.  That is why my name is Froimowitz.  


Mark Froimowitz
Newton, MA