Research Request for Museum of Jewish Heritage NYC #usa



The Museum of Jewish Heritage in NYC holds in its collection, the Pinkas of the Schwerzner Benevolent Association Chevra Kadisha (Id no. 2001.A.17) My immigrant ancestors, David (d. 1931) and Rose (d. 1936) Passman appear in the Pinkas in the listings for Mount Lebanon Cemetery. I've attempted emailing, calling, and sending certified mail requests to the museum requesting a copy of the page on which my ancestors appear to no avail. Is there anyone on this forum who would be able to visit the museum and obtain an image of the record? 

Gratefully yours,
David Passman

Passman - Novy Swierzhen & Minsk, Goldberg, Silverman, Fein, Murokh - Minsk, Oberman - Lechowitz, Hoffman - Schepetovka