Schwartzstein / Shvarts-shtein / Швартштаин from Ternivka, Ukraine #general #ukraine

Lee Jaffe


We are looking for descendants of Tema (Thelma) Cohn (born about 1826) and Munish (Emanuel) Schwartzstein (born about 1825), residents of Ternovka (Ternovka*), Ukraine.

We have documented five of their children:  

Lizzie/Leah Schwartzstein Dickler (1852-1925), 

Sam/Solomon/Shlema Schwartzstein Schwartz (1862-1952)

Joseph/Ios Schwartzstein/Schwarzman/Schwartz (1868-1921)

Rakhmil (1865- ) 

Itsko (1854- )  

And we have leads for three others, Sura, Vol, and Chava.   

We know that our great-grandparents – Lizzie, Sam and Joseph – emigrated separately to the US between 1880-1905 and settled in NY, PA and NJ.   We have identified more than 30 of their descendants with DNA test, collated available records, and consulted with a genetic genealogist who believes that the evidence indicates that they were siblings.    We’ve now obtained Russian records from 1875, confirming the family connection and identifying Munish’s father and grandfather – Nukhim (1793- ) and Faivish, respectively – as well as three of Munish’s siblings: Goishey, Reful, and Leya-Ita.


We don’t have information about the other siblings or their descendants but we are widening our search to locate other Schwartzstein cousins.  If you are a descendant of the Schwartzsteins from Ternivka, or wish to explore a possible connection, please get in touch with us.  Please include information about what you know about your relevant lineage (i.e., names and dates of ancestors showing a potential connection) and links to family trees or DNA tests, if available.  

Lee Jaffe, great-grandson of Joseph Schwartz

Penny Grosz, great-granddaughter of Sam Schwartz

Michael Rothman, great-grandson of Leah Schwartzstein Dickler



Schwartzstein / Shvarts-shtein / Schwarzman / Schwartz / Швартштаин

* Тернiвка / Ternivka / Ternovka / Ternevka / Ternowka / Ternowke  / Tarnovka / Ternefke / Termofle   Tirnowken / Ternovsky / Ternowsky /Tarnowska /