1848 Lipto Census Uploaded #JewishGenUpdates #hungary #slovakia

Vivian Kahn

I am pleased to announce that 2,498 new records from the 1848 Census of Jewish residents of Lipto megye has been uploaded to the Hungary Database https://www.jewishgen.org/databases/Hungary/.  Go to https://www.jewishgen.org/databases/hungary/1848HungaryJewishCensus.html for more information about the 1848 Hungarian Jewish Census. Lipto megye, now in north central Slovakia,  was close to the borders with Galicia and Austria and included the towns of Liptoszentmiklos (Liptovsky Mikulas) and Rozsahegy (Ruzomberok).  About 4.5 percent of the population was Jewish in 1880. The images, which are from the Slovak State Archives, were donated by David Zelikovski, who also transcribed the records. Please contact me off-list for more information about this data set or other Hungarian Research Division projects.

Vivian Kahn, Director
JewishGen Hungarian Research Division