Samotins of Baku #general

Abromowitz, David M.

Dear Group,


I am tracing my Samotin ancestors, who lived in Baku during the middle 1800s until early 1900s.   My great grandfather was Morris Samotin, 1854-1920, married to Bessie Yachnowitz 1865-1948, and Morris’s father was Aaron.   Aaron might have been born in Warsaw and migrated to Baku.   My grandfather Joseph 1890-1963 and most or all of his siblings emigrated to the USA around 1911.   However, most of what I have read is that the Jewish migration to Baku was not until around 1900 when the oil industry attracted them, while my ancestors were there much earlier. 


I would appreciate anyone who has good historical information about the Jews of #Baku, connections to the family names Samotin or Yachnowitz, or any other helpful information. 


Thank you,


David Abromowitz


There are 2 people buried at the Jewish cemetery in Baku with Yakhnovich (modern transliteration) last name, none with Samotin, but according to the web site, their database is not complete.
Yakhnovich Elizaveta daughter of Abel: 1880 - 12 Sept 1951
Yakhnovich Rozaliya, daughter of Moysey: 26 Aug 1903 - 4 Dec 1990

Mike Vayser