Information on descendants of Schindler's List #poland #holocaust

Susan J. Gordon

I suggest that you try looking through the book, Schindler's Legacy, by Elinor J Brecher, (pub 1994), which contains chapters/stories about 30+ survivors, but Jakob Kornblau is not listed on the contents page where those in the book appear. However, he might be in one or more of the chapters/stories. Unfortunately, the book lacks an index, which is a serious flaw. Other than that, it's a good book, and probably available in libraries or for sale at Amazon....

Years ago, I heard Poldek Pfefferberg speak at a college in CA, and met him afterwards. He's not in this book, also, but he's the person who inspired Keneally to write Schindler's list.(PP owned a shoe store in Beverly Hills, where Keneally walked in, looking for shoes. When PP heard he was a writer, he said, "I've got a story for you!"  I wrote about our meeting for The Jewish Week of NY but it's not online. (If you'd like to read it, I can send you a copy).

Good luck!
Susan J Gordon
New York

Barbara L. Kornblau

In the year 2000, I first learned that there was a Kornblau on Schindler's list. I posted on the listserv back then asking if anyone knew if there was group of Schindler's list survivors I could contact. I got no responses. Jakob Kornblau, who was one Schindler's list was born on March 29, 1908. I would love to be able to contact his descendants. Does anyone know of any information or records about descendants of people on Schindler's list? Thanks.

Barbara L. Kornblau