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I have a photo portrait postcard of my great uncle that he sent to my grandfather from Poland in the 1910's. The back of the postcard is stamped with the name of the photo studio "E. Hawin, Zambrow".  Would anyone have any information about E. Hawin as to exactly where in Zambrow his studio was and how long it existed? It would also be interesting to have information about E. Hawin himself. My great uncle was probably a resident of Zambrow and I wonder if he would be listed in a Zambrow directory?

Jerald Rothstein 

Mike Marvins


My Great Grandfather. Mejer (Meyer ) Gordon was a photographer in Zambrow from the late 1890's until he died in 1933. After that, his wife, Estera, took over the Studio till she was killed in the Holocaust c 1941. The pictures in the Zambrow Yizkor Book were made by him. Near the front of the Yizkor book there is a picture of Estera Gordon and her daughter in front of the Studio in the 1930's. That daughter, Nuta was the main Jewish school teacher in Zambrow. You can see her in the School Pictures. She and her husband, E. Wilamowski, survived as partisans and made it to Israel after the war. I am guessing she donated the pictures for the Yizkor Book as well as some of the families who left before the War. Nuta, before leaving Poland after the War, went back to Zambrow and sold the House and Studio to a Pole. I verified this in Warsaw. My wife and I have visited Zambrow and the house/studio twice. 
The back story is this. The Czar sent large military units into Poland to stop frequent insurrections. A huge unit was sent to Zambrow from the Minsk area and a base was built there. It is still there but, now nice apartments. The unit was M. Gordon's main customer so he went with them to Zambrow. He built his large home and Studio across the road from the base. The building is also still there. He brought my Grandfather with him as an assistance. My Granfather, Zalman Kaplan, later started his own Studio about 50 miles away in Szczuczyn. He was killed in the 1941 Pogrom there. See the Kaplan write up at 
It is entirely possible that Hawin also was a photographer in Zambrow but I have never seen the name before. The Zambrow newspaper had a big article a\bout M. Gordon about 10 years ago but no other photographers were mentioned. Was the logo on the picture you have in Polish or Russian ?  Early photo mounts of M Gordon were in Russian. Email me the picture and logo and maybe I can help. 
Mike Marvins