2021: JewishGen Learning Center served 607 Education Students #education #JewishGenUpdates #announcements

Nancy Holden

JewishGen Education wants to thank that 607 students in the 2021 classes for putting us over the top in $26, 747.00 tuition contributions to the JewishGen GENERAL FUND.


We couldn’t have done it without you.


Join us again in 2022. 


This year we will concentrate of our Special Services introduced in 2021.
Did you know that for $36 in a Virtual Conversation you can talk about your research with an expert? Get an analyses of your project and work up a research plan? Do you know about resources beyond the major databases? Want a tutorial? Have a Brick Wall?


Did you know that you could reserve a coach By the Week according to your own calendar? You don’t have to wait for a class. We have experts from Galicia, to Sub-Carpathia, to Ellis Island and back. Choose your Goal and Objectives, Choose you date and time $50. a week.


JewishGen website is a treasure and a treasure trove and has numerous blind alleys worth exploring.


Take a mentored class on how to directly connect your ancestors to actual records.

Research your Roots using the JewishGen Website.
February 6 - 26 Three Weeks - Open 24-7  Private Forum -
Lessons and Assignments- 2 Zoom Meetings. $150.
Private mentoring with Barbara Rice.



For more information 

email: education@...
Nancy Holden
Director of Education