Jews in Georgian Society - The Laras of London #unitedkingdom #sephardic #events


The extraordinary lives of the LARAS of London during the Georgian period.

Abraham collaborated with Pitt the Younger’s government to reduce the
National Debt. Esther’s husband was a good friend and benefactor of Horatio
Nelson. Benjamin was the perpetrator of a huge lottery swindle and his
brother, Moses, accumulated a large fortune. Charlotte Dacre and her father,
"the Jew King", were personalities of the day.

Their life stories are absorbing and entertaining: drawn from letters, court
proceedings, and other contemporary sources. Jews in Georgian Society is
rich in detail and full of remarkable insights into the commonplace and
exceptional circumstances of this extended family.

Pearl Foster was born in London and moved to Bristol for teacher training
and to complete a degree in Economics and Sociology. Her career in education
was followed by ten years as a registrar of births, marriages, and deaths.
She has pursued a lifelong interest in family history research – in
particular a branch of the Lara and Furtado families who escaped the
Inquisition of Portugal to England. Pearl is married, has two children, is
happily retired, and will be pleased to hear from anyone tracing similar

Pearl's books, are available from SilverWood Books

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