Luba MATRASZEK, Lublin, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner


With regret, I wish to inform the JewishGen community of the passing of Dr. Luba MATRASZEK of Lublin.


Dr. Matraszek was the leader of the Lublin Chapter of the Jewish Social-Cultural Association of the Jews in Poland, an attorney and lecturer.  She was one of those who revived Jewish life in Lublin after the fall of Communism.  She was active both in the Jewish Social-Cultural Association and in the Jewish Religious Community of Lublin.  For many years, she looked after the Memorial Chamber of Lublin Jewry in the Chewra Nosim Synagogue and, in that role, met with many visitors from Poland and abroad.


Her funeral took place at the Walecznych Street Jewish Cemetery in Lublin on January 20, 2022.  She is survived by a son, Paweł.


May her memory be blessed.


Yale J. Reisner

Warsaw, Poland

JGFF #913980