Looking for burial grounds in Merseyside and Sheffield #unitedkingdom #general

Peter Bush

I need help finding two burial grounds where ancestors may not have been buried in Jewish Cemeteries.
The first was living at Blundell Sands, Merseyside. The second died in the workhouse infirmary at Ecclesall Bierlow in Sheffield.
Does anyone have any ideas?
Peter Bush, London

Richard Gilbert

Hi Peter,

There are no Jewish cemeteries in the Blundell Sands part of Liverpool. You can search for Jewish burial in Liverpool using the following search facility on JCR-UK at 

This link will give you a summary of the history of the Liverpool Jewish community https://www.jewishgen.org/jcr-uk/Liverpool.htm

Similarly, the Jewish burials in Sheffield are now searchable on the United Synagogue's Find A Grave search facility as the the synagogue in Sheffield is now part of the United Synagogue.  You search here - https://www.theus.org.uk/category/find-grave.

Otherwise, all you can does find the nearest cemeteries near to where you ancestors were living when they died. Just because they did not live near the main Jewish community doe snot mean they did not have a Jewish burial.

Good luck!

Richard Gilbert
Hertfordshire, England
(former resident of Liverpool)