Four words from the Russian: translation please. #belarus #translation


In Russian:
На добрую память

Translated in to English:
In good memory

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

David Gordon

I posted this request earlier and realized belatedly that I neglected to post the pertinent link. 

As my note in Viewmate indicates, I have four words in Russian I would be grateful to have translated.  I believe the last word identifies the family; it appears to be FRUCHTBEIM or FRUCHTBEIN .  My great-grandfather's sister, Rifka HURWITZ, married Abraham FRUCHTBAUM (there is a question about the exact name and spelling) in 1887.  They died in the Holocaust in 1941, although at least one of their sons, Jacob, came to the United States.  I am most grateful in advance for any assistance.

Thank you!

David Gordon
Evanston, Illinois
GORDON: Butrimantz; Eisiskes, Daukniunai; HORWITZ: Smolevichi, Lapichi;
GEBALOVITCH: Borisov, DRAZIN: Bobruisk; BENENSON: Borisov;