Breslau/Wroclaw BMD - Re: Lecture "Finding Your Polish Ancestors Online Through the Polish State Archives" now online #poland #education #announcements

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Hello Mary and list-readers,
There are a few useful German sources for Breslau/Wroclaw, but you may need to use a browser with a translation function.
On the following website, the author has collected information on Breslau, including address or telephone directories, but also compiled which BMD records have "survived" and where they are accessible:
The non-profit genealogical society Compgen has indexed quite a few birth records:
If you know an address (using a directory) and need to know the "Standesamt" you can use this search aid
I hope this information may help. Good luck with your further research!
Corinna (Woehrl, née Goslar)
Hoisdorf, Germany