Krasnobród 1810-1825 Jewish B/M/D Record Extractions Now Available #announcements #poland #records

Sinai (Sonny) PUTTER


Jewish Records Indexing – Poland is now making available extractions of

the 1810-1825 Jewish records from the Krasnobrod Parish records in the

Polish State Archives.

These extractions are not in the Jewish Records Indexing – Poland online


Each record extraction includes surnames and given names; fathers’

names, ages, and occupations; mothers’ names, ages, and maiden names;

house numbers, places and dates of birth or death; and witnesses’ names,

ages, occupations and/or relation to the subject of the record.

There are 457 extractions from Jewish Krasnobrod records for the 1810-

1825 period. The extractions include 226 different surnames or variations

of surnames mentioned in the records, as well as 33 towns and villages

(other than Krasnobród) noted as place of birth, domicile, or death.

By becoming a qualified contributor to the Krasnobród PSA extraction

project, you can receive all the 1810-1825 entries for your family surnames

plus all your family’s record extractions for the 1827-1918 period which are

in the Polish State Archives.

Please contact me for more information through the Krasnobrod page of

the NextGen JRI-Poland web site at

Sonny Putter
Bellevue, Washington

Krasnobród Town Leader