Will the real Lousada duke please stand up?! #events #sephardic


Who is the legitimate claimant of the Spanish Lousada dukedom?
Three families of alleged Jewish ancestry say it is them!

Did the Baruch Lousada commit fraud in making the original claim?! Do the
Barrow family descend from the Baruch Lousada? Julian Land discusses this
eminent Victorian family whose members included mayors of two English
towns and three British generals. Are they Sephardic-descended as was
claimed, or Ashkenazim who invented the story? Are they even Jewish? And who
are their rival claimants for the dukedom, the Fischl von Dirsztays of
Vienna? Julian will guide us through the complex and entertaining claims
of Sephardic and noble ancestry. Who deserves the ducal coronet?

Julian Land trained in theoretical physics and mathematics followed by a
thirty year career in commercial client relations with Australia’s national
science research corporation, CSIRO. He descends for the Lousada family and
runs the popular www.barrow-lousada.org website

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