Do these first names fit with your family? #usa #lithuania #names #photographs


I’ve posted on ViewMate the translation of the message in Yiddish on the back of a postcard,  The photo has two men standing by a horse-drawn carriage belonging to Boston Stores in Chicago. The one on the right is my grandfather, so I assumed the writing was by someone in his - and my - family.  My grandfather emigrated from Vilnius to Chicago around 1900-1900-1905.   But there are no surnames, and none of the first names are familiar to me - so I’m exploring whether these people are in the other man’s family.  Please get in touch if any combination of  Alter, Zalman, Kreine Yente and Yudes fit with your people in your family tree.  I’d love to be able to identify the mystery man, and share the photo and message with his descendants. 

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With many thanks

Ruth Silman
Manchester, England