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Carol Hoffman

Thank you for this important information, and thank you to all of the volunteers at LatviaSIG and the archivists who have been so helpful.

Carol Hoffman, PhD
LitvakSIG President

Arlene Beare

The Names and Fates website has been updated and Rita Bogdanova Latvian Archivist posted this message-

The Center for Judaic Studies of the Latvian University has opened yesterday the new web page for the project Jews of Latvia: Names and Fates 1941-1945

The URL is

For some time we will keep also the old site and its address is

It is vastly improved and I think Researchers will find a lot of extra information about their relatives as well as names of those who survived. 
If you want to add information about your family send to   names@...

The Database is for the whole of Latvia but not Liepaja. Liepaja database-

Updates on how to use the new website will be posted on our RD updates page.

Arlene Beare
Co-Director Latvia and Estonia Research Division