List of butcher shops below the Brooklyn Bridge c. 1915. #usa

Richard A. Di Lorenzo



Can anyone help me get a listing of all “butcher shops below the Brooklyn Bridge” c. 1915?


This is to help me ultimately find out who my maternal grandfather was - as well as learning more about my maternal grandmother. I have DNA-based reasons to believe they were both 100% Jewish. 


Here’s the short version of the story: I believe my maternal grandmother’s father disowned her about the time she (probably unmarried) gave birth to my mother, 1915. I believe he - or possibly someone from my maternal grandfather’s family, had “a butcher shop below the Brooklyn Bridge.”  


I’m hopeful that a listing of butcher shops below the Brooklyn Bridge would reveal surnames that might help me. Currently, I have three candidate surnames: Ruderman, Fein, and Gross. A butcher shop name containing any of those names would provide a very promising resumption of my research. 


Thank you for your support.


Richard A. Di Lorenzo

Naples, FL and Beavercreek, OH




Albert Braunstein

I recommend you buy "The Great Kosher Meat War of 1902" by Scott Seligman which tells the story of thousands of Jewish women who took to the streets of New York in protest of the high price of kosher meat. The index has several pages about kosher butchers.
Albert Braunstein
Melbourne, Australia


Do you think "below" the bridge means literally on the street underneath it, or the more general meaning of "below", that is, anywhere south of it?

I have no butchers for you either way, but for those that do, this might narrow it down?
Robert Roth
Kingston, NY

Linda Higgins

Try e-mailing the NY Public Library. Click on  "Ask A Librarian".  The information you need may be in their City Directories.

:Linda Gordon Higgins
Spring, TX.