Pilski Russia? #names

Steven Granek

Below is the entry for "last residence" on my Great Aunt’s ship manifest.  It appears to me to be “Pilski” or perhaps “Piloki" - Russia. But I am having no luck finding this place on Jewishgen - Gazetteer or or Town search.  No iuck with various other searches, either.   Just in case the following adds any additional clues - I had previously written that my Grandmother (this person’s sister) was - per her 1920 US Census - from “Grodno”, yet per her husband’s Petition for Naturalization, she was from “Niveravitzk, Russia” - a place that no one so far has been able to make any sense of.
So - Pilski Russia? Piloki Russia?
Thank you in advance.
Steve Granek

Frank Szmulowicz

Perhaps, it is 
NesvizhNiasviž (BelarusianНясві́ж [nʲaˈsʲvʲiʐ]LithuanianNesvyžiusPolishNieświeżRussianНе́свижYiddishניעסוויזLatinNesvisium) is a city in Belarus. It is the administrative centre of the Nyasvizh District (rajon) of Minsk Region and site of Niasviž Castle, a World Heritage Site. Its 2009 population is 14,300


Also, Russki could be Ruski = Russian and Pilski a misspelling of Polski = Polish, denoting perhaps dual national origin, as the area was a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth before being occupied by the Russian Empire.

Frank Szmulowicz