Pilski Russia? #names

Frank Szmulowicz

Perhaps, it is 
NesvizhNiasviž (BelarusianНясві́ж [nʲaˈsʲvʲiʐ]LithuanianNesvyžiusPolishNieświeżRussianНе́свижYiddishניעסוויזLatinNesvisium) is a city in Belarus. It is the administrative centre of the Nyasvizh District (rajon) of Minsk Region and site of Niasviž Castle, a World Heritage Site. Its 2009 population is 14,300


Also, Russki could be Ruski = Russian and Pilski a misspelling of Polski = Polish, denoting perhaps dual national origin, as the area was a Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth before being occupied by the Russian Empire.

Frank Szmulowicz

Steven Granek

Below is the entry for "last residence" on my Great Aunt’s ship manifest.  It appears to me to be “Pilski” or perhaps “Piloki" - Russia. But I am having no luck finding this place on Jewishgen - Gazetteer or or Town search.  No iuck with various other searches, either.   Just in case the following adds any additional clues - I had previously written that my Grandmother (this person’s sister) was - per her 1920 US Census - from “Grodno”, yet per her husband’s Petition for Naturalization, she was from “Niveravitzk, Russia” - a place that no one so far has been able to make any sense of.
So - Pilski Russia? Piloki Russia?
Thank you in advance.
Steve Granek