1974 Baltimore County Street Resident Search Request #usa

Bill Rubin

I am searching for name of the Cohen family residents living on Marbrook Rd, in Stevenson, Maryland in 1974.  Marbrook Road may now be within Garrision, MD.

This address is from a ripped return address on an empty envelope among family papers.
There is a Cohen family living on this street now, but I can't imagine it would be the same family.
Looking in old phone books or at property deeds might help.  Where might I find these resources?


Thank you,


-Bill Rubin

Belmont, MA

Nancy Seibert

Marbrook Road comes up as being part of Owings Mills on a current interactive map. It is close to Garrison.
You could try contacting the Owings Mills Branch of the Baltimore County Public Library for resource ideas. Their website does list some Baltimore County Directories and real estate transfers in their catalog.
The Historical Society of Baltimore County has an online contact form, on which you can ask your question. They will do research for a fee. They also list private researchers.
The Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland is now meeting virtually, but I recall they used to meet at the Pikesville Library, so there would likely be members from that area of the county. I wouldn't be too surprised if someone remembers your Cohens, if they lived on Marbrook Road for any length of time.
I don't think this research would be too complicated. Marbrook Road still isn't densely populated. Most of the properties are estate-sized.

Nancy Seibert
Rhode Island