Recieving records from Romania #romania #israel

Shimy Karni


In order to receive records from Romania's Archive, it is needed to transfer
fixed fees to their bank account.

To transfer the money through the local banks in Israel it is very expansive.
As it seems that I will repeat this process more than once, I prefer to find the cheaper option.
I was advised to use the web site in doing it with very low costs.
The problem is that using credit card to transfer money from Israel is forbidden
by Isracard.

Is someone in Israel succeeded to transfer money for getting vital records from Romania?
You can send me also by my e-mail: 

Best Regards,
Shimi Karni, Israel

michele shari

Hi Shimi,
Contact Beth Long. She is a researcher who has a lot of Romanian records and someone who goes to the archive to photograph them. In the US we paid her via Zelle. Perhaps she can get you what you need. She was very reasonable and got me records that I would have never been able to get on my own.

Michele Farkas
Boynton Beach, FL (formerly NY)

researching Farkas in Transylvania/Hungary (Carei, Tasnad, Cluj, Kisvarda, Margitta, Satumare), Weiszhauz/Weisshaus (Vamospercs), Rosenfeld (Vamospercs), Isak/Izsak, Taussig/Tauszik, Schein, Pollak (married Farkas), Jakab (married Farkas)

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Theo Rafael


Are you maybe overinterpreting it? You're not transferring money as in money laundering, you're paying a fee for a product in a foreign country! And the amount is negligible, we're not talking about thousands, not even hundreds.

Have you tried sending via Wise? If the transaction goes through it's all good. Wise also accepts bank transfers, but that's only worth it for you if they have a local Israeli branch; you could check that out if the first option doesn't go through.


Theo Rafael