Headstone translations from Hebrew #translation

Deborah Friedman

I need translations for these two Levy headstones in Chicago. Thank you very much.

Deborah Friedman
Walnut Creek, CA

Benioff (Ignatovka, Ukraine)

Dinkelspiel (Baden, Germany)

Eisenstein (Drohitchin, Belaruse)

Friedman/Friedmann/Fridman/Frydman (Kopaigorod Ukraine)

Gologorsky (Kopaigorod, Ukraine)

Gratz/Gratch (Drohitchin, Belaruse)

Hess (New Orleans)

Horowitz (Kiev Area)

Kansterin/Kansteroom (Jerusalem)

Lipson (Jerusalem)

Levy (Drohitchin, Belaruse)

Maier (Baden, Germany)

Maroz (Ignatovka, Ukraine)

Sanger (New Orleans and Alsace)

Shulman/Schulman (Kopaigorod, Ukraine)

Silbermann/Silverman (Zeil, Germany)

Spector (Kopaigorod, Ukraine)

Wiederquist (Sweden)

Zasler (Jerusalem and Zasliai, Lithuania)

Y. Kamenezky

The headstone of Pinchas says:
Our dear and honorable father,
Pinchas son of Yisrael
[Passed away on] 19 Teves, 5686
The headstone of Lillian says:
Our dear mother,
Leah the daughter of Shimon Meir
Passed away on 5 Av, 5695

Y. Kamenezky


I read the Hebrew dates on both tombstones differently.

Pincus' date of death was the 19th of Tevet, 5687 (not 5686).  This corresponds to the secular date of December 24th, 1926.

Lillian's date of death was the 5th of Av, 5698 (not 5695).  The corresponding secular date was August 2nd, 1938 (the stone appears to read 1928, but the image is a bit blurry).
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA