Passenger lists from Antwerp to NYC and translation request #translation

Richard Stower


For years I have noted the arrival dates of my mother's family (Moses and Ida KANNER) in New York City based upon census records. I have either forgotten that I searched Ellis Island records and/or I have lost those records. The census records indicate that my g-grandparents arrived in NYC in 1898 or 1900. According to my grandmother's application for citizenship she arrived in November, 1900 from Antwerp on a Red Star Line ship (unidentified) but I have  searched through Ancestry, Family Search, Antwerp and Ellis Island databases (including Steve Morse) and no names of my g-grandparents, my grandmother or her siblings show up. Any suggestions for a deeper dive?

Also would someone kindly translate (if it can be deciphered) the attached snippet of a birth record.

Thank you.

Richard Stower
Yarmouth, Maine
Dobrowa Tarnowską: KANNER, SCHMIDT, WERNER

Molly Staub

Check passenger lists at (in Belgium).

Happy hunting,
Molly Arost Staub
Boca Raton, FL

Paul Chirlin

Morse has a ships by line search function under Obtaining Details about Ships and/or Fleets in One Step   If you use contains Red Star, and year 1900 -1900 there is a list of 21 ships. These are ships that were sailing in 1900 and at some time sailed for Red Star, not necessarily in 1900 as ships moved from company to company.  Click on each ship name and there is a paragraph giving the ownership and route history. Only some were on an Antwerp to NYC route. Use those ship names to search on Morse or Ancestry and in your criteria include perhaps female, an age range, and nationality or Hebrew and the list will not be so long that you can't work thru it. Yes, it is a deeper dive. Someone may have a shorter way to get specific ships.

Paul Chirlin