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The Atlanta Lodges of the Hebrew Order of David International have created the Atlanta Gravestone Project and joined with the Indigent Burial Program from Jewish Family & Career Services, in partnership with Dressler’s Funeral Care, and our community’s Jewish cemeteries, to ensure all Jewish graves have markers. 

Governing Lodge of the Hebrew Order of David of North America has committed its Atlanta resources to provide the markers and minyanim necessary to bring dignity and closure to those who have no family or friends to arrange or pay for a stone, infants who died soon after birth and were buried without stones, and individuals who were estranged from their families.

Working with the cemeteries, the project will identify the deceased Jewish people who are buried in unmarked graves in Atlanta’s Jewish cemeteries and place grave markers. The ultimate goal is to have all graves marked.

The project can proceed as quickly as funds are raised, so that people like Leon, William, and Michael will be unknown no longer.

Here is a link to the website with information on making donations.

Thank you.
Steven Zedeck


Wendy Kalman

I amin metro Atlanta and just made a small donation. I am curious, would you know if similar projects are taking place in other cities? (I ask because this past year I learned I have a great great grandfather buried at Rivrside Cemetery in Saddle Brook NJ with no marker. I inquired and between the platform and the marker, it will cost around $1000. I am still hoping to find enough relatives willing to split the cost so it won't be a burden to anyone, but haven't followed up with them sufficiently yet. 

Wendy Kalman 
Acworth, GA