Where is Gene Liba from? Understanding areas in Lithuanian records #lithuania

Marcella S

Hi Group
Hope someone can help me
If a birth record of a person indicates born in Petrasiunai, Kaunas, Kaunas why would her marriage record indicate she is from Krynki, Grodno?  Her father was born in Krynki but why would she be assigned there? Records attached show the change for Gene Liba Sheimison
When does a person get to be 'where they are from'?  I always thought where they were born but clearly not
Marcella Shames

Arlene Beare

Hi Marcella
Jewish families were registered in a certain place from way back and that remained the Place of origin of any family member no matter where they were born.  They thus have Place of birth and a Place of origin.  They continued to pay taxes in the Place of origin. 

Arlene Beare
Co-director Latvia and Estonia Research Division