Questionnaire in context of the Population Census, Budapest 1945 #hungary #israel

Margarita Lacko



Doing a search in Yad Vashem’s Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names I came across the name of my grandfather, Jeno LEICHT. I knew he survived the war because he lived with us in Argentina.


Clicking on the link, I see that this is based on a questionnaire he filled out in 1945. He also filled out one for his daughter Vera. I could not find his wife’s name nor his son’s (my father). I also found the name of my grandfather’s brother who lived in the same building (didn’t see his wife’s name either).  


About four months ago, I submitted a comment to Yad Vashem (for each name) asking where can I obtain a copy of these questionnaires but still didn’t receive an answer.


The Record Details say “the scanned file may be publicly available here after 01.01.2023”. I would guess this means that the documents are already scanned.


Type of material: List of survivors, found in Questionnaire filled out by Leicht Jenő, residing at Csáky u. 20/6, Quarter V, in the context of the Population Census in Budapest, 1945.







I am going to Israel next month and would really like to find these questionnaires. Is the Reading Room/Archives open? Is there a chance that these documents are available at their computers?


Thank you,


Margarita Lackó

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Valentin Lupu

Hi Margarita,
I suppose that Yad Vashem has  scanned copies of the questionnaires submitted by Jeno  and Armin Leicht which  may be released and viewed onsite. But...Traditionally, a. Hungarian married woman used her husband's complete name adding the suffix "ne" (Mrs.). In your case, the registered names should be Leicht Jenone and  Leicht Armine, respectively. If  indeed the questionnaires were filled out as I suppose, there is not a direct way to find out their names. I did find out that Jeno registered his spouse's birth date.She was alive in 1945 and living with him.
Valentin Lupu