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Dear friends,

My grandfather, Morris (Mosche?) Kasdan was born in "Minsk" in 1881 and emigrated to NYC and lived in Cleveland and the Bronx until his death in 1955. He always referred to his home as Minsk but I have no verification that he actually came from there or the surrounding area. I have not been able to find any information about his life before emigration except possibly a ship record in Ancestry of a Mosche and Itte Kasdan, his putative sister, for passage from Antwerp. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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Sherri Bobish

Hi Robert,

I did both a phonetic and then a soundex search at The JewishGen Unified Database.
A soundex search finds in this database

The Vsia Rossiia 1903 & 1911 Minsk, 1903 & 1911 Mogilev & 1911 Vitebsk Gubernias Database

KAZHDAN Moisey Shmuil Haberdashery 1903 787 Minsk


KAZHDAN Moisey Shmuil Haberdashery Goods 1911 1544 Minsk



There is a 1900 record in database 
Riga Passport and Travel Documents Registration List 1900
This fellow is older than your Moishe, but perhaps a relative?
son of Nison
A watchmaker, age 39 in 1900
Borisov, Minsk p. 
Melnichnaya 94, Riga

A search at The JewishGen Unified Database
for surname KASDAN (phonetic search)
and town Minsk finds hits on the surname spelled various ways, i.e. KOSDAN, KASHDAN, KASCHDAN.

A soundex search finds even more variations, i.e. KOZDON, and other spellings.

The name seems to be connected often to the town of Borisov
Barysaw [Bel], Borisov [Rus, Yid], Borysów [Pol], Baryssau [Ger], Barysavas [Lith], Barisava [Latv], Borisovas, Borissow, Barysaŭ
Region: Minsk

There is a KASHDAN / KASHDON  who lived in Kaunas, but were from Minsk.

Try the search at the Unified database and see if you find any helpful records.

Also, a search of NY passenger arrivals, using the Steve Morse portal to the Ancestry database, finds several people with the name you are searching (I used a soundex search on the first and surname.)
Including this fellow from Borisow, which I mentioned is in the Minsk region.
Name: Moische Kazdan
Gender: Male
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Hebrew
Marital status: Married
Age: 39
Birth Date: abt 1873
Birth Place: Russia
Other Birth Place: Borisow
Last Known Residence: Borisow, Russia
Departure Port: Hamburg
Arrival Date: 28 Feb 1912
Arrival Port: New York, New York, USA
Final Destination: Brooklyn, New York
Height: 5 Feet, 7 Inches
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Money in Possession: 30
Person in Old Country: Chaje Kazdan
Person in Old Country Relationship: Wife
Person in Old Country Residence: Barysaw
Person in US: Hole Rozow
Spouse: Chaje Kazdan
Ship Name: Amerika


My great-grandfather was Leib Kasdan, born around 1875 in Krucha/Mogilevy/Belarus. His parents were Barney and Gertrude Kasdan and he married Bella Shulman in 1894.  Leib immigrated to NYC in July 1903 via Amsterdam. By the time he landed on Ellis Island, he called himself Louis Cohen. He brought over his wife and children in February, 1909 under the named Kazdan. Leib/Louis may have lived in Lower Manhattan initially but he settled his family on Staten Island where relatives still live there. The house Leib/Louis built in 1920 still stands. He also had a younger brother Oscher/Oscar who immigrated in 1906.
Barbara Cohen