Finding Family from Vadul-Rascov #bessarabia #holocaust #names

I am looking for people with information on the Jews of Vadul-Rascov (present-day Moldova). My great-grandmother came from there, but she lost virtually all contact with her family post-WWII and never completely knew what happened to many of them. She never talked much about her life there apparently, so I would love to learn as much as I can about the area as well as connect with people who might have some shared history there with me. Thanks! 

P.S. I feel I have exhausted most of the free info on google relating to Vadul Rascov, but if anyone has any info I will gladly accept it. My great-grandmother's maiden name was Oks, and her mother's was Stiefelman. 

Ian Chase

Avrohom Krauss

In researching landsmanshaftn (immigrant societies) in Philadelphia, I have come across societies from "Rashkov" which presumably is either Rascov or Vadul-Rascov, both today in Moldova. As they are 1 mile apart from each over and both were known in Yiddish as "Rashkov", it is worth researching both.  One place to start, if you haven't done so already, is JewishGen Communities Database. FYI, I will be addressing Philadelphia immigration (which includes landsmanshaftn) at the IAJGS summer conference this year in a pre-recorded talk: "Philly Fever and Chain Migration: Who were the Immigrant Jews of Philadelphia?" Although not specific to your town, your region, Bessarabia, will be covered. Even if you are unaware of a Philadelphia connection, it is always important to follow the immigrants of your ancestral towns wherever they have settled.

Avrohom Krauss
Kiryat Yearim (Telz-Stone) ISRAEL
Researching: KRAUS, GOTTFRIED, MONAT from PRZEMYSL (Galicia) Poland/ KINSTLICH, GREENBERG, SCHMIDT from Tarnobrzeg, Rozwadow, Ulanow (Galicia) Poland
KLOTZ from Telsiai, Lithuania/ ROGOZIN, KAPLOWITZ, from Vyazyn, Ilya, Vilyayka, Belarus /LAPIDUS, SOKOLSKY, ROGOZIN, Maladzyechna, Belarus