Name Piroska and hebrew name- is it Penina or Pesl? #hungary #names


My great aunt from (Beregszasz or Demecser) Hungary was Piroska, nickname Piri. She immigrated to Israel after the war. I’m still on the hunt to find records of her arriving in Israel (Haifa) and of her death record. She came to visit us in Cleveland in the 1960’s. She was my father’s ‘modern’ aunt. As far as I know, she never married. 

Piroska (Piri) BERNATH

Lisa Bernath
searching: Bernath, Grosz, Weiner, Tabak, Kornstein


You should keep in mind that Hebrew names in Hungary didn’t necessarily match civil given names.
Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

Bernard Weill

Since i believe Piroshk in Hungarian is red or some form of it, that שושנה or וורד may have been apt Hebrew names.

Bezalel Weill


My mother's Hungarian name is Piroska, while her Yiddish/Hebrew name is Shprintze

Alex Goldinger


Hi ,                                       13th May 2022

I do not know--what matches : Piroska--?

I am aware-  my father's sister wasNee:   Piroska ---Paje--Friedman--married a Laszlo Fisher
They lived and   were deported from --EGER--to Stutthof Camp--and never returned.

Wishing you All a lovely Guth Shabboth
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Odeda Zlotnick

Penina is a Hebrew name.
Pesl is Yiddish.

I see no reason to chose one over the other.

The word "penina" is the Hebrew word for "pearl".  Are you 100% sure it's Pesl and not "Perl" that you're looking at? 

I'd say Pnina Perl is far more likely than Pnina Pesl.
Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.


I have a list of 15 children of an ancestor of mine that contains their Hebrew names (family is BAUMHAFT). I found a birth record matching the family with the first name Piroska. Using the Jewish Given Names database on Ancestry, I have narrowed down the possibility that it matches either Penina or Pesl. Which do you think is more likely? Any other suggestions for determining this?

Esther Kleinman