Looking for possible Jewish Ancestry name Koch in Germany #germany


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Hanß David Koch is surely an old German way of writing Hans David Koch, nothing to do with the Hebrew which would be Han ben David. I don't believe there was such a name as Han.
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I am much less knowledgeable about DNA tests than many of the other people on this group but I think less than 1% could likely just be a statistical artifact and might not be real. I assume the record that you found for Hans Koch was in a Jewish database or you have some other reason to think he was Jewish, in general the Ashkenazi custom is not to name a child after a living person so for the father and son to both be named Hans (if they also shared whatever Hebrew/Yiddish name it corresponded to) would be unusual but not impossible. Without seeing the record it would be pretty hard to figure out what exactly it meant. Also as a side note if the marriage was in 1674 it's unlikely that he was born around 1600 because he would be quite old especially given the life expectancy of the time, but anything is possible. Being able to see any of the records would help to try to clarify more.
It's really amazing that you have family trees going back that far, I wish my family had such an extensive tree
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SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow


Looking for any possible Jewish ancestors from Germany, a small amount of Jewish European DNA originally showed up in my Father's test, 1% or less, my dad is 94.  This would go back many generations and I did find the following in one of my searches: Hanß David Koch was born about 1600, in Zweibrücken, Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany as the son of Hanß Koch. He married Margaretha Sebaldt on 28 May 1674, in Happurg, Nürnberger Land, Bavaria, Germany.   If this is accurate, and I am still trying to confirm that he is in my family tree, (it does show up in one family tree) this would be about 13 generations back from me on my grandmother's side of the family. I am wondering about the way it is written and if it is an indicator of Han son of Koch or Han son of David Koch?  
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