Inhabitants Alt Schotland around 1891 #poland


To answerd the question raised about the file name 'Alt Schotland names 1891': I added it as an abbreviated reference for myself since it is refers to correspondence between 1886 and 1891 in relation to the move of the Perlstein Amber business from Danzig to Königsberg.
Ron Peeters(NL)

Logan Kleinwaks

Thank you, Ron Peeters, for sharing this list of poor inhabitants of Altschottland c. 1891. I will be in contact with you privately about it.

For anyone interested in Altschottland residents from a little earlier time, note that census-like records ("Familienbuch") from Altschottland for 1880-1882 and 1850-1879 are searchable on JewishGen via the Unified Search, Germany Database, or Poland Database. These include entire families and were updated whenever major events occured during the indicated time period, such as births, marriages, deaths, or emigration. For more details, see the description of the "Danzig Database" at

For a list of censuses from Altschottland or other Danzig communities, and their indexing status (green = finished/online, yellow = in progress, cyan = partial name index online), scroll down to the Census section at Note especially the link to Danzig census-like records for 1843-1918 (APG 14/5), the residential registration cards, which are fairly easy to browse, as they are essentially alphabetized by surname (according to German alphabetization rules). The residential registration cards are quite extensive, but not 100% comprehensive, at least in their surviving state. We would like to add these to the searchable JewishGen databases, too, but such a task would require significant additional volunteer labor (skilled in reading old German writing).

For birth, marriage, and death records from c. 1891:

1) All civil marriage records including at least one Jewish partner have been transcribed and are currently being proofread before being added to JewishGen's searchable database. Additional proofreading volunteers who can read old German writing (Kurrent) would be welcome to speed this process.

2) Death records from the Jewish community have been transcribed and are currently being proofread before being added to JewishGen's searchable database. Additional volunteers who can read Hebrew would be welcome.

3) There is a finding aid to help you locate online scans of civil births, marriages, and deaths at This includes surnames for the marriages (useful before the proofreading in 1, above, is complete). However, note that the instructions and links are currently incorrect due to one of the external websites recently shutting down. There will be an announcement here when the instructions and links have been updated.

For any other questions about Danzig, or if you might like to volunteer as a transcriber or proofreader (German or Hebrew), feel free to contact me privately.

Logan Kleinwaks
JewishGen Research Director for Danzig/Gdańsk


Dear all,
Maybe useful..
Enclosed a list names of poor inhabitants of Alt Schotland (Danzig/Gdansk) that I found listed as potential beneficiaries of the Perlach family foundation when they were in the process of moving their business to Konigsberg (Kaliningrad).

Ron Peeters(NL)