Utah JGS Meeting - Deep Genetic Genealogy: A Survey for Researchers of All Levels by Adam Cherson #dna #events #rabbinic

Joshua Perlman

Utah Jewish Genealogical Society (UJGS) invites you to our May meeting, on May 23rd at 7pm MST
Title: Deep Genetic Genealogy: A Survey For Researchers of All Levels
Speaker: Adam Cherson, Author of Historicity of the Tribe of Levi: A Genetic Perspective (in print)

Part 1: Cultural Genography
Part 2: Rabbinical yDNA Lineages
Part 3: Levi-Cohen Tribal Tree
Part 4: Q & A

Description: In this first-ever presentation Adam will give an overview with illustrations of various unique approaches to genealogical research, including everything one needs to know to get started.

Joshua S. Perlman
Salt Lake City, Utah

Adam Cherson

An audio-video replay of the slide show is available here: https://tinyurl.com/ddgvideo
Adam Cherson

Adam Cherson

New URL for slideshow: https://tinyurl.com/dggvideo
Prior URL is discontinued.

Adam Cherson,NY, NY
Genomics Publications and Presentations: https://independent.academia.edu/AdamCherson