Locating German Passports that were surrendered to the British in Eretz-Yisrael (Palestine) #germany


Jan 9  

Hi fellow researchers, 

My grandfather, Siegfried (later Elieser) GOTTLIEB, surrendered his German passport when applying for naturalisation in Mandate Palestine in Nov 1934.
I have the request found in the Israeli Archive (גנזך המדינה).

I'm looking for the actual passport and information on what would have happened to it.
Would this have been sent back to Germany? If so where would it be (Lauterback or the state archive of Hesse)?
Held in the German embassy/Consulate in Mandate Palestine?
I did write to Lauterbach in Germany where it was issued in Aug 1934 but did not receive a reply.
I also had a reply that Germany destroys all passports older than 30 years.

I would welcome any insights on this matter.
Thank you. 

PS - I do have a copy of his mother's Reisepass issued 16 March 1937 also in Lauterbach.
She did not request naturalisation so did not need to hand it over.
Tamar AMIT