Russian Reader For Online Directory Look-up #translation

Sherri Bobish

Hi 'Genners,
I'm hoping that someone who can read Russian would kindly look up something in old city directories at this website:
I assume that city directories of The Russian Empire would list business people in each town grouped under their occupation heading.  The Galician directories did, as did U.S. directories.
I am looking for people who were in the business of dyeing, or cleaning and dyeing.
Everyone in this family wrote a different place of birth on every single piece of paper, hence the unusual mix of possible towns.
Time frame:  1880 to 1892
Occupation:  dyer, or cleaner and dyer
Surnames:  WEINER
                    BLUMENKRANZ / BLUMENKRANTZ
                    APPEL / EPPEL
                    BOBISH / BOBISCH
Towns:         Vilna
                    Brest / Brisk
                    Biala Podlaska
Also looking for Pesach Ber (surname may or may not be BOBISH / BOBISCH.)
Pesach Ber was a cleaner and dyer, and lived in Kiev when he emigrated in 1914.
Pesach Ber was supposedly born in Vilna circa 1875.  I do not know how long he lived in Kiev prior to 1914.
Thank you,