Could I ask for a translation from Czech of this last letter? #translation


Here's the English translation:


Dear gracious lady,
due to the kindness of Christel, I came to know your address and I am writing immediately so as to receive some message soon, after all, I haven't heard anything about you in so long! The last time I talked to Ch. + H. was in the city about October last year, when they told me all about everything. How are you, gracious lady, (how is) the Dr. and are the boys up to?

I haven't been going to school since November; first I was at home, now I ride my bicycle to a doctor acquaintance, whom I help in the surgery; most of all I have opportunity to work in dentistry, I do fillings a lot and I pull teeth. Often I study in the evenings, but more as a hobby rather than out of necessity, because we can not take any exams now.
We had a nice, harsh winter this year, so I really enjoyed skiing on our hills. I often remember the nice time spent in the circle of your dear family; let's hope we can see each other again one day.

Cordial greetings to you all,
K. Bleier
P.S. If possible, let Hubert write and tell me in detail what school he is going to and what he does, as well as about ... Pavel, if he doesn't want to write it himself.

Rick Pinard



I found this letter among my late father's effects. He fled with his mother and brother from Czechoslovakia to the UK at the age of 15 years in 1939 - his uncle committed suicide and they lost everything.  This letter was kept carefully in a plastic folder with several copies and was clearly very precious.
I have no idea who Karel Bleier was or what the relationship was to my father. He was a few years older (born 1916, my father 1923). I have had it for a few years but, somehow I have always been, until now, reluctant to proceed further. I see the name "Hubert" in the post-script ... that was my grandmother's preferred name for him although he was actually Christened "Robert"
Jim Newmark