Two lines of Russian from 1891 birth registration #translation

Justin Levy

Thank you Michael and Galina for taking the time to look at the text and providing some clarity.

With the help of Alexander R., who wrote to me privately, I now have a complete transcription of the text (as well as an understanding of some of the grammar):

Позднѣе заявленiе о рожденiи послѣдовалo по нераденiи отца. Актъ сей являющимся прочитанъ и всѣми подписанъ

I hope this transcription in pre-1918 Russian (obsolete letters highlighted in yellow) will be of use to others.

Justin Levy
Ware, UK


I would like to add. The unclear words are, I think;

Позднее заявление о рождении последовало по нерадению отца
The late birth announcement is due to the father's omission / neglect.

Galina Spivak,
Los Angeles, CA


In Russian:
Младенцу этому дано имя Хая. Позднее заявление о рождении последовало (не ясно) отца. Акт сей присутствующим прочитан и ими и нами подписан.
Бургомистр города Бедзин Подпись

Translated into English:
This baby was given the name Chaya. A later birth announcement was followed by (not clear) the father. This act was read to those present and signed by them and by us.
Mayor of Bedzin Signature

Translated by Michael Ryabinky
Boynton Beach, FL

Justin Levy

Hello Russian speakers,

I would be very grateful for a transcript (in Cyrillic letters) and a translation into English of the last two sentences of this birth record starting after Хая.
Khaya was born in Bedzin (at the time in Kielce gubernia) on 18th March 1891, but she wasn't presented to the registrar/official until 16th September. 

Many thanks,

Justin Levy
(Ware, UK)